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Event Cancellation Policy

Where ‘The Company’ is Book My Program Pvt Ltd:

1 The company may cancel the Booking with immediate effect by giving the Customer notice in writing if: 

(a) the Customer becomes a ‘banned player’ from Mutant Freaks prior to the event. In this case, a full refund will be offered

(b) the customer fails to pay any amount due under the Charges on the due date for payment, in which case this will be treated as cancellation by the customer, outlined in clause 3 below, at The Company's discretion.

2 The Company strongly recommends that the Customer takes out suitable holiday insurance, to cover the Charges in the event of the Customer requiring cancellation.

3 On cancellation of a Booking by a Customer, the following shall apply; 
(a)  If the Deposit has been paid, but the balance of the Charges have not yet been paid. The Company will retain the Deposit and may at their discretion make a partial refund to the Customer if clause 4 is applicable.
(b)  If the Deposit has been paid, and the balance of the Charges have also been paid, then the Company will retain the full amount of Charges. 

4   The Customer’s liability on cancellation to pay Charges may be subject to deductions if the Company is able to fill your cancelled booking with a replacement Customer. Please note that this provision is at the Company’s sole discretion and the Company may take into account any deductions regarding the Company’s administrative time and any discounted price the Company may be required to charge in order to secure such booking at a later stage. 

5  All cancellations must be notified to the Company in writing at least 60 Business Days prior to the event. 

6   After the Booking Confirmation, if the Customer requests to change the type of Accommodation, this is subject to the Company’s approval, availability of Accommodation and the decision to approve this request would be at the Company’s discretion. 

7  The Company may need to cancel or alter the Booking if for any reason: 
a)  the property we have booked becomes unavailable, or we are unable to reach minimum capacity required to run the event 
b)  in circumstances beyond the Company’s reasonable control; or 
c)  the Company is prevented from making the Accommodation available to the Customer for the Hire Period due to a Government restrictions or public health measures (including measures which are introduced in response to a pandemic or epidemic, such as COVID-19); 
If any of the events (a) to (c) above are applicable, then the Company will notify you in writing as soon as possible. The Company will, where practicable, try and provide an alternative Hire Period or alternative type of Accommodation. If this is not suitable, a full credit note will be given to the Customer. 
For the avoidance of doubt, 7 (c) excludes a Coronavirus Event, or where there is a public travel restriction in place that prevents the Customer (or any guest of the Customer) travelling to the Accommodation. 
Examples for Customer’s reference: 
Example 1: If the Company cancels the Booking by virtue of the Accommodation being located in a Tier 4 area, then the Customer is entitled to a full credit note. 
Example 2: If the Customer cancels the Booking due to the Customer being located in a Tier 4 area and is not able to travel, however the Accommodation is otherwise available for use, then the Customer shall still be liable for the Charges in full. 

8   Transfers: Any Bookings which are transferred to an alternative event or alternative Accommodation under clause 6 or clause 7, shall be treated as a new booking for the purpose of cancellations, with effect from the date the Company confirms to the Customer in writing that the Booking is transferred. The Terms communicated to the Customer via email and in the Customer login on the Company’s website, on the date the transfer is confirmed will apply to the transferred Booking. 

9 The Company will not be liable for any form of damages, compensation or expenses claimed by the Customer in respect of the non-availability of the booked Accommodation, except as provided for by a refund as set out in clause 7. 

Terms & Conditions for entry into the venue
  1. Original Hard Ticket should be produced at the time of entry for validation.

  2. Entry will not be allowed if the hologram / barcode / or any security feature on the ticket is tampered.

  3. Ticket is valid for one person only & re-entry is NOT allowed, unless otherwise specified on the original ticket.

  4. Right of admission and right to expel based on misconduct are reserved with the organizer.

  5. Please retain the ticket in its working condition till the end of the event.

  6. Children above the age of 3 years must have a valid ticket.

  7. The organizers reserve the right of admission & frisking for security reasons at any point. Your co- operation is solicited.

  8. Helmets, cigarettes, bags, handbags, bottles, lighters, matchboxes, cans, cameras, any audio visual recording equipment & banned substances are strictly prohibited.

  9. Food and drinks from outside are not permitted.

  10. The organizer does not take any responsibility for injuries, loss or theft of any personal belongings of the Ticket holder.

  11. This event is subject to Force Majeure conditions.

  12. No refund is applicable, if the event is cancelled or curtailed due to unforeseen circumstances after commencement of the event.

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